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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000017    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
minorassigned (koen)2014-08-24Getting kicked by the login of the desktop client causes an infinite connect / disconnect login loop
  0000016    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Private messaging
minorassigned (koen)2014-08-23Notification opens the wrong chat
  0000015    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
User Search
minornew2014-08-22Handle errors when searching for users.
  0000013    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Global chat
featureassigned (koen)2014-08-22Add an option to display or hide pm's in global chat
  00000091   [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Recent chats
featureconfirmed (koen)2014-08-17Long-hold recent chat item to remove
  0000006    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Global chat
featurenew2014-08-17Scrolling back to load earlier messages
  0000002    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
minorconfirmed2014-08-17When losing connection, app goes back to login screen
  0000005    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Private messaging
featurenew2014-08-17Show online status in private chat window
  0000004    [Populous Resurrection Mobile Client]
Login screen
featurenew2014-08-17Forgot password functionality


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